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Hi, I’m Tara also known as the Luxe Tourista! Welcome to my website all about luxury travel, bucket list destinations and making your lifestyle dreams become your reality!

I am a content creator and luxury hotel specialist based in Toronto, Canada. I have a deep passion for traveling the world and traveling it well! With over 100+ luxury hotel stays around the world, I am an expert when it comes to the perfect luxury vacation. In addition to travel, I have always had a strong passion for photography, carrying a camera everywhere with me since the day the point-and-shoot arrived on the market. It was only natural to combine my two loves in life and focus on my passions of travel blogging the world.

For as long as I could remember, I always had a serious case of wanderlust and the more I traveled, the more I made it my goal to see the entire world. My motto has always been Work Hard/Travel Harder and that typically meant saving up all my hard-earned dollars to splurge on a fabulous luxury vacation and then repeating the cycle all over again! Luxe Tourista is all about my passion to travel the world, enjoying the most luxurious accommodations and how I ultimately altered my lifestyle to pursue this full-time.

After graduating from university and working in finance for 10 years, I decided one day that it was time to give it up and chase my dreams and passions! For many years, my life consisted of working 50+ hours a week and finding every reason to escape the office as often as I could to luxurious destinations rewarding the hard work and stress I endured day in and day out. As my lifestyle became work/travel/repeat, I realized my true passions were more about traveling the world and capturing those moments, ultimately creating visual content to inspire others to explore this beautiful world. And more importantly, to live their life to the absolute fullest.

As I began to grow an online presence, I realized I was spending more and more time building my dream lifestyle and became less passionate about my corporate identity and the career I thought I had always wanted and loved. In June 2018, I decided to quit my six-figure “dream” job to chase my true dreams of building a brand showcasing luxury travel, beautiful hotels of the world and how you can tip the scales to enjoy the lifestyle you dream of.

It certainly didn’t come easy, I spent over a year balancing my full-time job with my side passion often putting in 80+ hours a week between the two. I would maximize my vacations, sometimes returning hours before having to return to work, and spent countless mornings, evenings and weekends dedicating my free time to curating my travel brand. As a reluctant entrepreneur would say, “don’t quit your day job until your dreams take flight” and I certainly did just that. I was happy to endure the temporary pain to ultimately achieve my goals and see my passions take off. So fast forward a year and here I am today, a full-time globetrotter and travel blogger who definitely won’t look back 10 years from now wishing I did things differently!

I’m certainly not recommending you to quit your day job and travel the world BUT what I hope is that you don’t let it own you, your dreams and your passions. I’m here to inspire wanderlust and help you to believe that anything is possible – if you want something bad enough in life, you will definitely find a way to make it your reality, just like I did.





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